Lead and managed independent project groups, as well as hands on programming of Internet, mainframe, PC and client-server systems.


AGI Computer Consulting 1993 to Present

Sr. Project Consultant


Super Warehouse

Project Consultant

C                     Led the programming team that updated mission critical processing in over 400 programs in 2 months.

C                     Identified an additional 72 programs that needed changes that were not in the original project.

C                     Finished all work on time and in budget.


Big Data Systems (BDS)

Account Project Leader

C Managed analysis, programming and implementation teams for a software update that required eight programmers.

C Recovered from losing three of my most experienced programmers and still finished the project on time and in budget

C Improved BDS relations with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) account

C Developed programming plan, budgeted for and procured human and technical resources


Health Insurance, Inc.

Implementation and Testing Coordinator

C                     Supervised analysis, programming and testing for Y2K software update.

C                     Made all deadlines for the project.

C                     Coordinated activities of up to 20 programmers, BAs and testers

C                     Created the testing and test tracking methodology.


Big Data Systems 1985 to 1993

Systems Engineer

Supervised teams of programmers, planned and budgeted for major projects, participated in quality control management teams, and participated in all aspects of computer system development.


HMO Team

Technical lead

C Supervised a team of six programmers during the implementation of major software changes at a customer site.

C Finished all phases on time and in budget

C Worked directly with the vice-president in charge of operations and MIS managers to plan, budget for and implement software updates

C Assumed responsibility for conversion of 300 report programs that were not part of our original requirement and got paid for it.

C                     Located resources to resolve telecommunications and systems programming problems that were beyond the ability of the HMO staff and got paid for it.


Western Account Team

Technical Lead

C Supervised a team of four programmers during the installation of a completely new way of pricing and paying for hospital stays

C Worked with the analysts to plan, estimate, design, program and implement the 3000 hour project

C Came within 5% of our initial budget

C Traveled to consult with another team planning a similar project

C Made presentations to other customer support teams contemplating similar changes


Productivity Hardware Team


C Kept 4-IBM 4381's running VM, MVS, and an experimental operating system online

C Scheduled on-call operators, IPL's and backups

C Oversaw problem recovery efforts including deciding when to bring in outside help

C Ensured reliable telecommunications outside of the system and communications integrity to terminals and printers


Medicare Team

Implementation Coordinator

C Achieved the highest implementation rating Medicare could give, a rating that had not been reached for years

C Coordinated projects for the first major change implementation after BDS took over the contract

C Supervised production of all documentation for the changes


Northern Account Team

Systems Engineer

C Production Support Coordinator

C Release Control Coordinator

C Quality Circle Coordinator


Index Publishing 1983 to 1985


Developed and implemented the strategic plan, budgeting, marketing, quality control, recruiting and hiring/firing.



C Recruited, hired and trained an outstanding staff of 26 clerks and computer operators

C Published 30 books in both library quality paper editions and on microfiche

C Developed a quality control system that helped keep error rates down to 1/3 to 1/10 of the rate of competitors

C Planned and developed the computer system

C The company currently sells the books created at that time, though no new ones have been created