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Resumes That Get You Interviews

Your resume only has one purpose, to get you an interview.

8 out of 10 resumes are discarded with only a 10 second glance by an HR person or occasionally by a manager. Of the resumes still in contention, more than half are discarded after a 45 second detail review.

Your resume is not supposed to get you a job. It is not a background security check. It is not a business card. It is not a formality. Your resume cannot get you a job. It can only get you an interview. Don't forget that.

What should you emphasize in your resume? What the hiring manager needs the most. Companies love making money and cutting costs. They hate paying salaries. They love getting more work done, using less people, coming in under budget, getting paid quicker, being faster, paying less for something, selling more, customers being happier, quicker response, cutting staff, etc. Companies don't like having people responsible for testing, network administrators, accountants, programmers, analysts, CIO's, CFO's, or any other managers or non-producers. Emphasize exactly what you did that companies love.

How to get your resume past the first two reviews:

Only put in bold type your name, job titles and maybe 2 or 3 incredibly important keywords or accomplishments.

Make bullet points of your accomplishments, and only include the most essential responsibilities.

Move the bullets to the top that will stop the manager and make him pick up the phone to call you.

If you must have an objective, keep it very short and real.

Have a chronological list of jobs and accomplishments just because it makes the manager more comfortable.

Leave out irrelevant job responsibilities.

I can help you with my blog and newsletter, book, seminar recordings, live seminars, and personal one-on-one help. Try using my resume planner and memory jogger.

Here are some Resumes you can use for examples:

A Hard Hitting Banking Resume

A Very Good IT Project Manager Resume

A Perfect Salesperson Resume

A Sales Manager Resume You Can't Ignore

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