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Social Network Disease
Find out if you have one

I’m watching you. I’m not trying to, but I am.

Are you having trouble getting hired? You may have a social network disease. A couple of years ago you may have put some entries into Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn that you shouldn’t have. Then you forgot about the account.

When I put your name and email address into my new database, it looks you up. It downloads information from a bunch of social networks. All that is done in 24 hours.

Every boss has access to the same tool.

Worried? You should be. It could be very embarrassing.

Need help?

I'll put you into my database and call you up to tell you what I found out. It will take a couple of days.

Here's what you need to do:

First click on this button so I can cover my costs for the search and calling you back:
Social Network Disease Check
 You'll be taken to another page, after you are done, where I will ask for a little more information. I'll get back to you in 2-3 business days.  It has to be slow to allow the programs to do a thorough search.

Guarantee and disclaimer: If we find nothing, or miss an entry you know is out there, I will re-do the search using a different name or email address if you ask me to when I call you. I will only re-do the search once.

All I will do is use the information you provided me to do a social network check. There are many social networks that are not covered by the system I use. I will not check every possible network. I am also limited by the information you give me. If I do not have your name and email address right, I won't find some social network entries. This is not a guaranteed system. Finding nothing may be the best I can do. By undertaking this search you release me and my companies from any liability related to this search or information that may be found or that may be missed.  

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